Budget indoor grow from years ago. I planted a seed from a baggie and hoped for the ...

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... best, as you probably already know, it wasn't the best. It was somewhat educational and very satisfying to see the results. ❤️💛💚


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If your still growing or want to meet the steem canna collective then check out @canna-curate 😀

I want to grow again sometime soon again, maybe in a tent with LEDs this time 😅

Thanks, I'll check it out.

Do it! Best weed in the world is what you grow yourself

Thanks for the mention. :)

My pleasure mate 😀

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Hey man! Nice to meet you. I would love to see you start a grow again. @skylinebuds is running an ongoing competition for a grow log.

Here is the post for rules of grow log contest, https://www.weedcash.network/@skylinebuds/grow-log-contest-win-sbi-weedcash-weed-1-germination-blue-freedom-grow-log-1

Also fyi you have 11 hours to edit your post and add the weedcash tag, so it is published on the cannabis front end.

Will do so now, thank you.

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Hi there,

I saw your post i think you should check out the #weedcash community! You can earn Weedcash by blogging! Greetings

I'll check it out, thanks.

you got a good result.