Alpacas, Lasers, & Games!!! Oh My!!!

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A couple of weeks ago, my sister in law Audrey flew in from Pittsburgh for a weekend visit. We were supposed to have my wife’s brother and his family join as well, but they got bogged down by a nasty bug and kept their crud contained in Indiana. Bummer as I was looking forward to the big get together, but that’s life in 2023. I guess we just will have to deal with Audrey on our own. Ugh…😜

Luckily, my wife the Executive Assistant to not only Simple Tire, but our lives and household…is a superstar planner and had a bunch of stuff lined up for us. We played hours of games together which was a blast. I destroyed ALL in our You Don’t Know Jack battles on the PlayStation. Highly recommend that game for when company is over. Shit talking is a must on this one.

We went to see the Laser Genesis show at our local Planetarium where we rocked out to some Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins tunes while being mesmerized by the laser show. There were hours spent playing a new party game called Ransom Notes. That one…also comes highly recommended as it’s incredibly simple and full of laughs…unless you are hanging with a bunch of boring squids. If that’s the case, get some new friends.


But it was the Alpaca Farm that we went to on Saturday that sticks out in my mind. It was my second time visiting Out of Sight Alpacas in Waretown, New Jersey in a couple years. It’s a family run farm that gives tours several days a week and allows you to get up close with these mofo’s along with a bunch of other animals they breed/house there.


With your admission, they give you a small bag of food for the Alpacas. You lay your hand flat with some pellets and they just come up and munch. They have no top teeth and don’t bite, although a few were slightly sloppy bullies that would just house whatever was in your hand at a rapid speed.

The tour winds you through a few areas where they keep the Alpacas as they separate the sexes in their own pens. They had a recent youngling there that was so tiny, sweet, and adorable. She got some extra grub from me a few times for being a sweetheart.


My daughter fell in love with the baby piglets. There were about 15 of them running around alongside the 2 mamas there. They apparently will drink the milk from whichever mama…doesn’t need to be their own. The tour guide told us that when they have to pick up the piglets for whatever reason, the second their feet aren’t touching the ground they squeal and scream bloody murder. I was kinda hoping they would show us as I though that was hilarious but sadly it was a no go.


These bunnies had gigantic ears and get along with the cats that live on the property as well. The kitties have free rein there and travel in and out of the various pens, but like chilling with the bunnies and even snuggle up with them.


There was a beautifully sweet mini cow that’s name escapes me at the moment, a rooster and hens, and a few others that call this place home as well.




It all concluded at the little gift shop of course where they hawked their Alpaca fur wares. I ended up buying a few pair of socks in which one is now my new favorite by a longshot. So damn soft!!!!!




All in all it was a great day out with the wife, kids, sister in law, and daughters boyfriend. Even if my kids are idiots and completely underdressed for the very chilly day.


For more information of Out of Sight Alpacas, what they do, their tours, or sales…peep out their site below.

Thanks for taking this virtual tour with me!!!



Looks like you guys really had a lot of fun visiting! The alpacas are so stunning!

Yeah, it was my second time. There are a few different small farms/sanctuaries that are local and do a great job with helping and rehabbing animals. So we try to frequent them as we can to help support their cause. This place, Popcorn Park Zoo, and Howling Woods Farms are all really unique and wonderful.

with love for animals❤🐖🦘🐑🦓🐕💛😍🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️



Jackbox is awesome. Alpacas are neat too, I guess, but it's all about the party games!

Yeah we have a few of the Jack box packs. One thing that annoyed me was that we found out that there was downloadable additional gaming content available at sone point, but has since been removed. That blows as we will never be able to play with that additional content. I was happy to pony up for it but alas…it wasn’t meant to be.

Alpakas are really funny animals, never seen one in person but from videos I have seen they have a personality and also can spit 😂😂

Yeah, the guide warned us that they can spit if bothered too much. Luckily we safely made it through all dry. Lol