The Daily Meme #427!

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When you cut yourself off from hearing dissenting opinions how do you arrive at the truth?
You've only allowed ideas that you already agree with.

If you are not thinking outside the box, your thoughts are in a box.™

Think about that as you go through your day, dear reader, do you have all the facts?
Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, you missed something, or that 'world class' education you paid for with your indentured servitude (Student loans? Student loans? Anybody? Hello? Bueller?) left it out of your study materials?

Perhaps intentionally.

Your slave masters will be not be televising the revolution, nor will they educate you in the the potential egresses to their tyranny.

We get as much tyranny as we tolerate.

Now, I know that you have a comfortable job, making a comfortable living, all while just wishing to be left alone for one more day, but isn't that the best condition to keep one's slaves in?

Nobody wants a slave rebellion on the plantation, least of all those responsible for 'educating' the indentured servants.

You are gonna have to go out on a limb, thinking for yourself, IF you want to taste a world that you control to the exclusion of any others.

Thinking that you like others doing your thinking for you, that you are comfortable in your enslavement and are afraid of rocking the boat?

When they come for you, it will be too late to stop what you have coming.
Is it already here.
It may already be too late to stand up and pushback with an expectation of prevailing.

Doesn't that make you proud?

Your compliance has made this dystopia possible.

Don't miss the latest episode of System Fail:
Learn who Stalin considered the enemy of Marxism.


Are you are tired of paying your masters to bomb children in far away places?
Perhaps it is time you pushed back on that.
A simple way that anybody can do that is to hoard your coins.
A dollar of change in your pocket is a dollar of value out of the banksters' pockets that force us to pay them so they can play in the amusement parks from hell and shop in the human grocery stores.
'Aint that fresh?'

Metal in your own possession will always have more intrinsic value than digits on a bankster's ledger.

That is all, for now, you may resume your otherwise mundane day.
To contest the characterization of your day as mundane, make a post of your own explaining why your day is not mundane and ping me, eh?

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Billy Jack, the movie.


Anything must be exact in time, because if it exceeds its limit, it becomes dominant in the mind of man.


I'm reading a book called Anti-climax.
The first part was good.

Credit: reddit
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I agree with you. Sometimes when you are honest, you try to convince others of the truth, but in vain. They just want you to tell them what they want, even if you are lying to them.

some 'sources' just say so and seem to have no logical reason why it is so..



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