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Where I am at the internet upload speed is about 1mb, so livestreaming on 3speak won't work. I am getting a lot of redundant DMs so figure it's best to just do a AMA, I am sure there will be lots of Tron questions.

I don't know everything going on behind the scenes, but will lend my thoughts. If you have any questions ask below.

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If you were a Steem witness, would you be:

a) happy at the news

b) sad that you are unlikely to be picking up 10,000 SP/month for much longer

I'm much more concerned for the stake I currently have, rather than for future payments. That's honestly the least of my problems.

Hence, I'll do whatever is in my power, to make sure that STEEM is not getting fucked, just for TRX to get some gains. We've worked far too hard on this blockchain & community.

Now, I'm not saying that this is going happen, which is why I'm awaiting the AMA, with the hope that TRON & STEEM can both benefit massively from this arrangement. But rest assured: all witnesses have their hands on deck.

Ned has his hands in the Air

Nah, they are back on his Guitar while he sips Cocktails in the Bahamas.

This is really reassuring, I support those who support the steem blockchain

Thank you!

Thanks for an update from the witnesses, or at least yourself.

Fair play man. I asked partly to instigate a response like this.

is sad that steem ( such a good token and blockchain) is bought by a shitcoin...

with the stake of misterdelegation / steem and steemit ( and some hide stake) i think justin has the control over arround 80 to 100 mill steem.

it can be dangerous.....

Happy to hear that @therealwolf. We have all worked very hard to help make this place work and it has more meaning than just a few bucks. Most of the users who are on here now are for the longterm and money was an incentive yes but the enjoyment factor was a major part as well. We need to protect this place if it is required.

Nice to hear this response. We just need all witnesses to espouse the same.

Got to agree with Wolf here, current stake is more of my concern personally. There is no much uncertainty, really don't know what to expect.

my advice would be to “power up your steem, get your drama tokens, find some memes, and let’s get this shit started”


As a Steem witness I would be happy that the price is up. I would be curious of the meaning of "token swap."

They buy more stake and exchange it for their version of steem or btt

@theycallmedan What do you think will happen with powered up steem? Will it transfer to a similar Tron token, or something else?

I think Steem will stay powered up if the owner of that Steem chooses so.

As per the mentioned token swap, I am still waiting on their meaning of "token swap."

Dan, youre an investor. I know you dont have the emotional connection to all this as the rest of us do and i would never expect you to.
That being said...
You, me, everyone is about to get shafted by Ned and Justin.
Not only is Steemit being sold, which would have been fine but Justin is trying to kill Steem and mirror it on TRON as probably a TRC20 token.
That will split the community and kill the web3.0 potential Steem has shown... Many of the witnesses that believe that you cant buy a blockchain will leave, many of us smaller factors in the story will leave as well and your investment in a 4 year old token will, honestly, go to shit.

What we will have on tron will not be Steem and we all know it. It wont have the same performance, it wont have the same community, it wont have the same potential, it wont have the same future...

SteemTron will be like putting lipstick on a picture of a pig.

Take this and fix shit, before its too late....

All that Steemit inc ever was is a few devs that knew the code. Remember that.

Holy crap. It's already been forked?!

Github forked (copy of the code) in case they delete it. Not a chain fork

I see. Thank you!

Are you getting any sort of cut from this sale?

No. I'm not employed by Steemit INC and have never been paid a penny by them or anyone else related to Steem/Steemit/Tron.

Thanks for clarification sir.

good question. Curious where all the funds have gone. Was it ONLY useless Ned getting the millions or was it spread out through the upper echelon?

What do you think about this ninja shit News from Steemit inc?

SMTs are ready (testnet)

Communities too (testnet)

= Steem 2.0 without Steemit inc? with all cool Stuff we want since years.

Or SMT are buggy and the sellout is the Plan to surrive?

I think we as a community are a bit blindsided with one vague blog post to explain things to us. A blog post that was translated into English. Does the token swap mean to them what it means to us.. maybe not.

I have pieced up intel and a gut feeling but I rather not say what I exactly think on the future path until I get some more info, I don't want to mislead people with possible wrong info.

sure we see tomorrow i think.

Token Swap can be difficult with the Steem on exchanges too ( if this like i understand it)

i would just like to say, as an non english speaker (it is my third language), if you have few multi million companies you should have a person that speaks english.

maybe token swap means steemit incs token to tron account :)

Will you try to keep Steem as one chain and refuse potential migration to Tron chain?

I view Steem moving to Tron, if that is even technically possible, will be up to our elected witnesses.
I will say, if they try to "kill" Steem and force it onto Tron, I will see that as a hostile takeover, and will not support such a move.

Thank You!

That's good to hear. I hope the rest of the witnesses feel the same. If there was an airdrop and some kind of interoperability, I'd prefer that to a swap.

If you only had 1000 dollars to invest right now into crypto, would you buy Steem?

Yes, but I would BTD.

It is on the way.

Concur. Think we are in the P of a P&D. Tbh

what is BTD? (man I feel stupid asking that)

Buy the Dip I'm assuming also known as BTFD or buy the Fudging dip

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I feel even more stupid. Thanks @gniksivart

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Hey Dan, can you honestly express your feelings about this whole TRON thing right now? % excited vs % worried... I know a lot is yet to be clarified but I wonder how you, one of the biggest Steem investors, feel about it right now. Thanks.

100% excited
10% anxious

I believe Steemians will be in for a pleasant surprise.

It this also a right time to power up Steem, or should Steemians wait for clarifications?

Thanks Dan.

Always do what is best for you. More information never hurt anyone!

Sorry Dan, it's normal to be afraid. I'm scared. What will happen to us little fishes if you bigger ones are wobbling around?

I’m not wobbling around. Just bought more Steem. ;)

You know I love you, right? Thanks. :) <3

The future of Steem without Steemit.

Better off as we can't rest on Steemit to make the improvements for us and have to do it ourselves?

Doomed because we don't have enough developers to keep improving?

Obviously a middle of the road response is welcome as well.

I believe this move will show the strength of the Steem community. Nothing will be done that will harm Steem, if so the community will act accordingly.

Do you understand what this announcment is, or you are confused as all of us?

Buying Stimit Inc stake is one thing but trying to shut down the chain when it is at peak development seems hostile?

This reeks of hostile takeover.

A bit of both. Lots of misinfo going around that will be cleared up tomorrow. Remember, we have only heard from one source, INC, aside from Ned, has not made a clear announcement on moving forward.

Hostile take over won’t be happening on Steem, it’s either a win win or nothing at all. Steemit is not Steem, he bought Steemit.

I’m not convinced Steem can stay independent against a hostile takeover. If this is structured as a token swap, then every user who moves to Tron’s Steem 2.0 system hands over more control of Steem 1.0 to Tron. Along with any stake Tron has already purchased it wouldn’t take a very high % of people switching to give them full governance control over the original chain, install witnesses, etc. The original Steem blockchain could be “sunset” and shut down if decentralized governance is lost.

Once more details are announced, if this token swap does seem hostile to the original chain, I’d love to see witnesses immediately revisit the idea of 1 Steem = 1 vote in governance. 30 million Steem should be able to vote 1 million weight to 30 different witnesses if it chooses, but not 30 million weight on 30 witnesses.

That’s a change that’s always been fair, leads to further decentralization, and could prevent a hostile takeover of the original chain by making it much easier to keep several seats filled with legitimately elected witnesses, even if 1 actor controls 50% + of all Steem power.


Did you buy Mrs.TheyCallMeDan chocolates or flowers for Valentines?

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I bought her new blinds for the condo. xD - she doesn’t like chocolate or flowers.

Cool and practical.I’m sure it will have been a highly interesting day for you Steem; and today even more so if we are given a well constructed comprehensive AMA from Ned and Justin!

If there were to be a STEEM fork... where would 3Speak end up living?
I.e. "new" #NewSteem vs TRX STEEM

3Speak will always be with Steem.

"Always" is a long time... and "never say never"... and all those other clichés.

FWIW: Love the attitude though... Can only hope more whales & dApps think/feel the same... Will make for a very interesting ride, and this whole thing might just be the boost that Steem needs.

Our plan is to do what's best for our users, first and foremost. We're keeping our options open until we know more.

So the Medium post mentions how they'll start working on bringing all the dapps over to Tron. Have you been contacted by Steemit Inc regarding 3Speak? And what are your thoughts on that possibility, would you do it? To me Tron looks like a major downgrade compared to the capabilities of Steem, so my personal preference would be if 3Speak stayed a Steem dapp ofc.

Have not been contacted. Our plan is to stay in Steem, the Steem Steem.

Thanks, I think a lot of Steemians feel this way. It will not be as easy of a transition as Sun believes it will.

Hi @theycallmedan, thanks for doing this... I'm just sitting back and waiting for something more tangible to drift down from the top, aside from rumors.

One thing, though... given your background in poker and game playing, do you have an opinion/sense about the timing of this announcement "coincidentally" falling on the same day as Voice formally started Beta?

Could this whole thing not be so much of a deal, and more a "tool" to throw some rocks into Voice's works by deflecting attention from what they are doing by creating a bunch of competing news? As in, there really is no firm plan, other than to disrupt Voice's game?

The timing was not a coincidence. Was a clever marketing plow.

Was it the right moment for Ned taking such a move ? As an investor & user ur thoughts !

I can’t speak for Ned, but if Tron wants to join the Steem family, I think that can be a win win. Lots needs to be cleared up tomorrow during the AMA.

Not sure if anyone has asked any of this, or if it's something that is answerable.

Surely SMT's and communities are done and worthless if all steem dapps move to Tron network? Is this the case?

As I understand it, although in beta, these developments have been coded into the steem blockchain! So if the steem blockchain becomes defunct, all that work goes down the shiter.

Does the Tron blockchain even have the capacity to run communities with their own proof of brain tokens?

It seems to me that if the answer is no, Ned's tactic of selling to Tron will benefit only Ned, while screwing over the whole of the steemit dev team.

I've got to be honest, the whole thing reeks of exit strategy.

Your thoughts?

There is a lot of misinfo and tomorrow we will know a lot more.

If you look at it from a logical POV, Tron is a general purpose chain as Steem is a app specific chain. I don’t want to speculate too much on what happens in terms of a “token swap” until they clarify what they mean by that.

Hey Dan!
The main question: what will happen to Steem blockchain after all? We all waiting for an AMA by Sun and Ned, but still, what are your thoughts about it?

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I believe Steem will remain, grow stronger and show off why it is a unique blockchain.

If they are going to kill of an independent Steem blockchain, there's no way I will support it, I will have to look at other options. Interesting that this is happening around the same time EOS Voice is going to start up. Maybe the thing that gives Steem value, its community, should have offers from Tron and EOS? Both of them seem to have enough funds to entice us.

They bought Steemit, which is not Steem. Still a lot to clarify what their plans are moving into the future. My alliance is with Steem, and I will support nothing that will harm it in anyway.

It is very confusing is he buying hole steem blockchain or only Steemit ??
If only Steemit then what will happen to steem??

You can’t buy the Steem blockchain you can buy stake aka Steem tokens. Steem is just a name at the end of the day and the underlining tech will remain regardless of what happens.

So it means if witnesses want to run this blockchain after that then they can ??

You believe so much in steem according to your words; what's the worst scenario here that can demotivate you and trigger your powering down?

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Nothing. There are a ton of worse case scenarios, none of which I would run from. When there is a will there is a way.

This is a great encouragement.

Hi @theycallmedan What do you think about what is happening on steemit?

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I'm excited investors are seeing the potential of PoB. Steemit is just one of many web 3 sites. Excited to see what gets bought up next!

Then there are excellent changes for the platform and users, thank you very much for your response friend @theycallmedan

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We all know as steemians that Steemit is not STEEM. Not even close, being a not really user-friendly interface to post to steem blockchain.

Like everyone I am also confused about the news, and don’t know what to expect from it.

What do you think about the quite short tweet from Ned mentioning that he Sold Steemit to Justin? We know that Steemit is not Steem, but everyone else would think that this whole selling is about STEEM blockchain.

It is quite annoying that Ned just tweets a one line message instead of a brief explanation to avoid confusion. What’s your view on this?

I agree with the lack of info being annoying. Same boat. I think this is very bullish for Steem will looking at the bigger picture. Steemit was a dapp showcasing the power of the Steem blockchain, and investors bought it up. Proves Steem to be a success in terms of spitting out a profitable acquisition. Means others can too. Steem is decentralized and will either be boosted from this or battle tested from this. Either way I remain bullish for Steems success.

This wasn't a last minute call but planned months ago...furious about the "leadership..."

Will you buy TRX? Is there any chance that Steem goes to hell?

Never say never. If steem goes to hell I'll see it down there.

Token swap or Steem fork?

I will come back to this question post tomorrows AMA. I need them to clarify "token swap."

For people like me holding stake does it mean my stake and Steem will be amount to nothing under Tron?

Justin needs to clarify "token swap." Right now I do not have the full details of what they meant by token swap. The blog was translated so it could mean something different.

Will the STEEM generated by steemit be replaced by Tron?

Do you think this is good news for content creators?

Will the change to tron bring something positive?

They need to define token swap.
I believe it is.
I believe so.

They need to define
Token swap. I believe it
Is. I believe so.

                 - theycallmedan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@theycallmedan, In my opinion current picture is reflecting as, this Announcement came in rushing and created some Confusion. In my opinion when two well reputed Projects are coming together then in my opinion terms like Steem and Steemit should be properly Quoted because these are two different things as a whole.

It's good that you've gave this subject a bit rest instead of sharing your thoughts at this moment when things are not clear, when things are not clear then every bit of feedback can become Next Version of the actual Information.

In these kind of scenarios what is your Opinionated Viewpoint towards the speed of development of Smart Media Tokens (SMT's)?

Thank you.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

SMTs are in live testing. The community can agree to hardfork them in when testers feel the code is ready to go live. I think the progress has been steady and glad to see the SPS being used to support testing.

Thank you so much for your kind response brother. I am keeping Open Mind towards this Dynamic Journey. Good to hear your Feedback on PAL Discord Session after the AMA Session. Keep making Steem Voice stronger. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

Do you think the price of Steem going up had anything to do with the sale?

Steem was so oversold IMO, but I have said in many videos that I thought there was massive accumulation going on, so it would make sense.

how does it feel hearing this news the day after powering up 1/4 million steem?

YOLO. I feel pretty good atm.

You think price will rocket up?

Well, he did just send 200,000 to Binance like 4 hours ago.

Did he now lol

Binance have such a lot of Steem and they're linked with Tron. If we don't want Steem taken over by Tron, maybe we are going to have to stop using Binance? Bittrex is an alternative.

5 million in Steem volume the last 24hrs on Binance...

They are definitely very good news for steemit. Should we be so optimistic?

I am :)

me too. i'm still buying SP

On the whole, good news or bad news for current steem investors?

I'm still bullish.

We'll see what happens. I'm going to power down about 25% of my steem and hold it liquid for Justin Sun style hype train. I might miss the boat in a week, but the chance of a pump and dump and being able to get even more steem (assuming I like the direction things are going) is low risk.

Seems like a good plan tbh. Be able to accumulate more Steem but think we need a LT plan if we get the rug pulled out from under us so to speak.

Think @likwid is going to be having a field "day". 😅

Ive been trading this wave a bit, plan to accumulate more myself, but I am very anxious to hear the AMA and have some of my questions answered.

Lets see what happens tomorrow at the event... will be on it :)

Same. I have lots of questions too lol

So, so SO many questions, but I can't seem to articulate them. Thanks for the AMA offer - reading the comments here is helping me wrap my brain around this a teeny bit. Tomorrow's live stream from Justin (DLive? Really? OMGWTFBBQ!) should be interesting, to say the least...

season 5 Bachelor in Paradise krystal i just dont know how i feel.gif

I see a lot of pessimists surrounding the news. I personally don't think Justin is going to screw over the existing steemit user base as that is the most valuable part of the acquisition.

How will Justin reward steemit holders and tron holders in a fair way during the migration?

Token swap.... I want smt and steem working out nice....

I think it is a good news for steemian.

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Let the power be with You but Please donate my shy person - im poor:(

All the questions I have are in this post So many questions about steem and tron !. I hope some of them at least will be answered. I also asked questions in this tweet : What does it mean guys ?

For some reasons after asking those questions so many followed me in twitter. I don't know if the tags #steem and #steemit braught me that attention or something else. Maybe tron investors now are interested and they are following the most active steem creators who are promoting steem. I don't know.

I also noticed that only in one day and that's today, over $21 million was inveted in steem. That's really huge. The price is growing, the ranking as well.

This is what's confusing me. We worked so hard and waited so long to see the effect of our promotion and now some people saying that tron guy is buying steem. He maybe baught steemit, but not steem. But, still they have enough stake to lead and enough power to change everything. But, I have a solution in my mind.

Maybe we should keep promoting and invite new whales, so their stake will be much bigger than steemit's stake and that what will save steem to stay as it is now. Could we do it in a short time before they start to apply the change. That's the biggest question.

Hello @theycallmedan, how do you see the context with the Latino community, is it possible that the change will also adopt new rules?

Will 3Speak migrate to Tron? How will that affect censorship resistance Steem has and the direction you guys were building 3Speak on?

as one of the biggest investors in the steem blockchain I ready do want to hear your thoughts on this new acquisition and the future of steem. How does this acusiquition benefit steem? If there is a forced coin swap, does the community and witnesses have a fighting chance?

I liked Tron @theycallmedan

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I would just like to know everything in the simplest way and the benefits and advantages of these changes ... In advance thank you very much as always pending the details ...@theycallmedan

I can only tell you that whatever decision the owners and managers of Steemit have made, it is for the better, to improve and to grow. I still trust Steemit, I still love this network, I will wait for the course of events. A hug for you, @theycallmedan

I confess that all this has confused me, but if you are calm and waiting for more news, then I will assume that this is a good sign. Tomorrow will be another day and we'll have more information. A hug, @theycallmedan.

We need a SPS proposal to pay the Steemit Inc Developers to finish Communities and SMTs and let’s just keep rolling!!

Mediante ese nuevo comprador vendran cosas buenas para steemit

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