Shocking! Revelatory! Busted!

What are you doing here?
I didn't want you to see me like this!


I know I don't get here often enough to have a going concern, but some days the weight of not keeping promises overcomes the friction.

I'm sure even the truest of beliebers have given up on us making a recurring come back.
But fear not truly hopefuls out there!
As long as the creeks don't rise, and the good lord is willing, we will rise from the rubble!


@steemitri has given us the gift of his eternal presence, and we promised to not be so boring.

To find cool places to hang out.


To find cool things to do.


Maybe commit some misdemeanors, together.


If we play our cards right, we can walk over to the bar while our bikes get more lubricated than us.
Weed is legal here once you pay the toll, you can't smoke it in public, do people still go to bars?
Might have better luck back at the hippie shed.



We could maybe go downtown and meetup with some other plastic friends.


On the other hand, that fella might be jealous that she likes us better.


We will just have to play it by ear.


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If you're going to upvote @noganoo's post asking for pictures of a Steemian, someone who he's made violent threats against, then I will not think twice about downvoting your posts.

I guess since you shoot first, and don't bother questioning your internal dialogue because it has always been right in the past, there won't be any need for me to explain, huh?
I'd probable just be lying anyway.
If you disagree with my .0002 contribution that is fine, but going outside that reflects poorly on you, imo.
Eat my shorts.

(Auto)voting for noganoo is a bad idea because he posts this kind of shit, and I'm not concerned if the accounts upvoting it are doing it automatically or not. Your votes are your responsibility, and putting your name on his violent threat bullshit is going to have consequences. If you believe supporting a loser that makes violent threats is in your best interests, keep voting for him and his threatening posts.

I didn't put my name on a violent threat, I monitor that dude because of who he is.
Autovoting him is how i keep up with what he does next.

It is your interpretation that I support him.
That you think you can put motives in my head is very telling.
Why you think you can tell others what they are thinking is very autocratic of you.
You get to determine what is right and wrong for you, and only you.
When you start doing that to other people you may want to get your megalomania in check.

If you want to downvote my lowest possible autovote, that is your prerogative under steem's rules.
But, when you decide to burn my account of legitimately earned rewards, that is something else.

A negative vote would accomplish the same thing. I never considered the thoughts of the owners of the voting accounts much, other than if I see an account upvoting @noganoo I'm not going to think much about downvoting those accounts.

Rewards are earned at 7-day post age, anything until then is pending and change with votes, up or down.

Thanks for the !drama tokens

Steemauto doesn't downvote automatically genius.
Not all of us get to run our own custom interfaces.

But, now that you figuratively punched me in the nose rather than speak to me as an equal, you can kiss my ass.

Power may cause you to feel you can act with impunity, let's see how that works out for you, eh?

Don't dump that coin, I'm saving them to buy my grand kids ice cream.

See it from my perspective. Would you like it much if I had upvoted a poster that continually threatens your life and the lives of other Steemians, even if it was a 1% vote?

Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

I was staring at the waterslide in this photo:

Image by @freebornsociety

Genuinely jumped out of my skin when I noticed the face


Got me good

Lol, glad I could provide a jolt.
That was steemitri, now he is hivelander.
I won that mask in a contest.

Sweet. What was the contest?

Giving up a mailing address, iirc.
I should've thought to have him sign it for me.
Which would be hard for him, because he is plastic.