My SPS holdings....! My plan with it..?

in #airdroplast year

So hello everyone how are you all hope so everyone is well and good so friends today i am going to show you my SPS holdings and what am i going to tell you about what are my plans with it.

So firstly till now i have staked around 4900+ SPS which is quite decent amount and based on current APY of 40% i am getting around 5.36 sps per day. Which is not huge but one day it will be.

As of now my plan is to stake as much SPS as i can just because we all know that SPS trading at 1$ in coming time is very easy for sure so why to sell now and regret later rather keep holding your bags and wait for the time to come.

My target is to atleast get around 20 to 30 SPS everyday from my staking and assuming the price around 1$ it would be an passive earning of 20 to 30$ every single day which is really going to be great.

As considering my risk profile i am a kind of person who simply loves to get passive earning and enjoying those money and that too without even using your capital amount.

I am so many passive earning opportunity out there and will surely try my strategy with you guys so that we all can earn together.

Thanks friends have a great day ahead