My Bar is Hosting Derrick Broze's Activation Tour Today! ~ #spreadingfreedom

in #activationtour11 months ago

I've met some really cool people down here in Mexico so far. One of them has become a regular at my Friday night poker game. His name is Mano, and he approached me a while ago seeing if I would be interested in hosting Derrick Broze's Activation Tour at my bar.


I've been following Derrick for over a decade and love what he is doing. I was MORE THAN happy to say yes.

It kicks off here at 3 and goes until 6. Super excited to finally meet Derrick and host some freedom loving people at my bar.

Pics and a follow up are to come, stay tuned!

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Very cool.

Yeah bud, it was pretty sweet.

Very cool! I hope the night is very successful for you!

It was a fun night! Great turnout!